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Expert Tax Services

For our Clients

Welcome! We look forward to working with you to provide tax planning and preparation for your business and personal returns.

Whether you are a new or existing client, we ask that you complete the two documents below and return them to us by uploading them to the Intuit Link portal. Access to this site is available through an email invite, where you will create a login or use your existing credentials.

If you cannot locate the Intuit Link portal email invite or are having issues accessing the site, email


Download, print and sign the Client Acknowledgment Set.

This includes an Engagement Agreement and Consent to Use Your Tax Return Information. If married and filing jointly, both spouses need to sign both documents. Scan your signed documents and save them as a PDF.  


The third document in this set is our Privacy Policy, which is for your information and does not need to be returned to us.


Download and complete online the Taxpayer Organizer.  

This is a three-page fillable PDF. To save your content, click download document "with your changes."  


Return all signed and completed PDF documents to us by uploading them to the Intuit Link portal. Please do not email these PDFs to us. 


Download the Taxpayer Checklist.
This document is for you to use as a guide in collecting information for your return. This is for your use only. It does not need to be returned to us.

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